COVID-19 Client Communication, Vol. 2

As part of our ongoing series in keeping our clients and friends abreast of various changes to policies and laws resulting from COVID-19, please find the latest updates below.

Families First

New sick and family leave policies become law in response to coronavirus. Read more…

Big Apple, Small Business

New York City’s Mayor announces two programs specifically geared towards assisting small business. Read more…

Volatility Provides Opportunity

Current market conditions, driven by the COVID-19 virus, is creating a unique opportunity for multigenerational wealth transfer. Read more… 

COVID-19 Triggers Savings

The USPTO announced suspension of reinstatement fees for certain trademark applications affected by COVID-19. Read more…


California Governor Newsom’s executive order suspends 60 day notice requirement for layoffs and cessation of business. Read more…

Merger Modifications

How COVID-19 is affecting various rules, timing, and procedures relative to corporate mergers. Read more…

Shareholder Distancing

Shareholder meetings in the Age of “Social Distancing” and COVID-19. Read more…

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