COVID-19 Client Communication, Vol. 11

Below please find our latest alerts regarding COVID-19’s effect on various policies and laws. Feel free to read and share, and contact us if there is anything we can do to help you or your business maintain compliance in this ever-evolving situation.

Accommodation Landmines Await

The latest guidance on accommodations in the workplace in light of COVID-19 has been issued by the EEOC. Read more…

Order Up!

California Governor orders supplemental paid sick leave relating to COVID-19 for food sector workers. Read more…

Contact Tracing: COVID-19

While staying home and following health protocols help prevent contracting COVID-19, contact tracing, a “central pillar” of traditional infectious disease control, is another method proven to be effective in controlling the spread of diseases. Apple and Google are developing an app to help us do that, at our fingertips. Read more…

Employer Expectations in COVID Conditions

Employers should beware: even during the COVID-19 pandemic, certain employer compliance and obligations continue and others are created. Our latest immigration alert also addresses the current travel ban, and the emphasized importance of keeping key documents, such as visa approvals, valid. Read more…

CBP Authorizes Duty Payment Deferral

U.S. Customs and Border Protection published an Executive Order permitting the Secretary of the Treasury to adjust deadlines related to duty payment. However, this doesn’t apply to all duties, which importers are still responsible for. Read more…

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