COVID-19 Client Communication, Vol. 7

As a part of our ongoing series in keeping our clients and friends abreast of various changes to policies and laws resulting from COVID-19, please find the latest updates below.

COVID Conversion

The reduced asset values of IRA’s caused by the current health and economic crises has created the unique planning opportunity to convert from a traditional to Roth IRA, offering significant long term tax benefits. Read more…

All the Shelter-In-Place Orders Issued, So Far

Many states have implemented shelter-in-place orders. Find yours here (if applicable). Read more…

Public Spaces = Covered Faces

There’s been some back and forth on this, but the CDC said Friday that anyone who goes out in public should wear a face covering. Read more…

CARES Carries a Tune

The music industry scored a major victory in securing financial help under the CARES Act for musicians, music producers, and other related workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more…

Say What?

Alexa. Google. Siri. Cortana. With millions working remotely around the globe due to COVID-19, it’s important to remember who’s really listening to your conversations, and how that affects the true degree of privacy in one’s home. Read more…

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