Sex Education for Minors?

By Jeremy Mittman and Hilary Feybush

As we previously reported, this past fall, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law AB 2338, which includes a provision requiring minors 14-17 years of age and their parents/guardians to receive sexual harassment prevention training prior to the issuance of an entertainment work permit by the California Labor Commissioner.  Earlier this week, the Department of Labor Standards Enforcement (“DLSE”) published its guidance regarding AB 2338 on its website.  The DLSE’s very brief guidance does answer some questions regarding the new law, yet leaves some unanswered.

First, the DLSE’s guidance notes that applicants for 10-day temporary entertainment work permits are exempt from the training requirement.

Second, it provides two options for 13-year-old minors who will reach their 14th birthday during the period of a six-month entertainment work permit: (1) apply for a permit which will expire on the minor’s 14th birthday; or (2) the Labor Commissioner will issue permits to minors at least 13 years and six months of age, who provide satisfactory proof of sexual harassment prevention training as an age-eligible minor.

Third, the DLSE’s guidance specifies that the sexual harassment prevention training must at a minimum include the components specified in the Department of Fair Employment and Housing’s form, DFEH Form 185.  This form includes general information regarding sexual harassment as well as employers’ responsibilities related to sexual harassment. The training must be administered by a third-party vendor and may be provided electronically or on site, in a language the participants understand.

Although AB 2338 went into effect on January 1, 2019, the DLSE has stated that, due to the “unavailability of third-party vendors and applicable materials at this time,” the Labor Commissioner will not enforce the new law until June 30, 2019.  Even following the DLSE’s guidance, questions remain regarding the new law, such as the required length of the trainings and which vendors will be deemed acceptable.  MSK will continue to monitor this area and will provide an update via its blog upon any further developments.

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