Pilot Program for Stateside Visa Renewals

Written by Deeba Fahami For the first time in almost 20 years, the State Department (“DOS”) will launch a pilot program later this year offering visa renewal options in the US for H-1B and L-1 workers who are currently required to travel abroad. Background The DOS is the agency who has exclusive authority to issue visas. Currently, visas may be issued only at a US … Continue reading Pilot Program for Stateside Visa Renewals

My H-1B Was Rejected In The Lottery! What Now?

Close-up detail of American VISA
Photo credit: iStock.com/AlxeyPnferov

By Benjamin Lau

You did everything right. You got into the best school, you got the necessary work experience, you found an employer willing to sponsor you for an H-1B visa, and you filed on April 1. However, despite all your work, your case was not selected as part of this year’s H-1B lottery. Through forces beyond your control, you are now back to square one, wondering whether you must now leave the United States.

But wait! There may still be an alternative visa option available to you within the alphabet soup of U.S. work visas. So, before throwing in the towel and packing your bags, you may want to consider the list of alternative U.S. work visa categories below. One of these alternative visas may offer you the best chance for future employment in the United States – and while the list is not conclusive, it represents the most likely options for you to secure U.S. work authorization. Continue reading “My H-1B Was Rejected In The Lottery! What Now?”