The Times Are Changing, But Very Slowly

By Susan Kohn Ross

First, we learned relations with Cuba were thawing, and now – on July 14th – there is the nuclear deal with Iran. Many American companies are clambering to make commercial deals with businesses in both countries – but not so fast! In fact, little has changed in terms of U.S. relations with either country, at least at the business level, although significant changes are likely in the future. With Cuba and Iran both, there are laws on the books that Congress will first have to change and only then, will the commercial relationship be regularized. Continue reading “The Times Are Changing, But Very Slowly”

GSP Refunds Clarified


While the oft-rumored Federal Register notice has yet to be seen, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) did publish information about obtaining refunds under the now reinstated Generalized System of Preferences (GSP). Information about the legislation which authorized the renewal was published in our Alert dated July 14, 2015. See MS&K Alert re GSP Renewal for this Alert.Since then, CBP has announced its computers will be reprogramed so that starting July 29th, new entries making GSP claims will benefit from the zero rate of duty. CBP has also posted on its website a general announcement and FAQs re GSP refund claims. See Renewal of GSP and GSP FAQs. A more detailed refund process is also summarized at GSP Refund Process Continue reading “GSP Refunds Clarified”