New Virus Orders – More Restrictions

Written by Susan Kohn Ross The most recent order by the State of California of widespread impact was issued on November 19, 2020 and was discussed here. It was followed on the 25th by one dealing with outdoor operations only. Responding to the earlier statewide order, various counties and cities have now issued their own orders, all further restricting permitted activities. One helpful point is … Continue reading New Virus Orders – More Restrictions

New California Laws

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The following was written collectively by our Labor & Employment Department.

New California Laws

1. California Salary History Ban

AB 168, which enacted California Labor Code Section 432.3, is intended to promote equal pay, particularly between men and women. In passing AB 168, which went into effect on January 1, 2018, California joins a handful of states (Massachusetts, Delaware and Oregon) and municipalities (New York City, Philadelphia and San Francisco) which have enacted similar measures. In sum, AB 168 prohibits all California employers (including public employers) from

  • Inquiring or seeking from job applicants, whether “orally or in writing, personally or through an agent,” salary history information (the law does not define the term “salary history); and
  • Relying on or considering salary history as a factor in determining whether to offer employment to an applicant or what salary to offer an applicant. Continue reading “New California Laws”